PBU (UK) LTD has a focused approach to sustainability practices and procedures in all operations.

Sustainability is the crucial effort to conserve our planets natural resources and help preserve our environment. This is done by managing our usage of energy, waste and transportation. By managing our patterns of production and consumption, we can develop sustainable working methods which in turn are environmentally friendly.

PBU (UK) LTD strives to undertake all works with a view to the future by planning, designing and constructing infrastructure in such a way that it will not be a burden to future generations.

We believe in sharing our knowledge with clients and stakeholders, involving our supply chain and taking into consideration the total life of the asset, and all the health, safety and environmental implications to ensure a safe and sustainable delivery.

We acknowledge that sustainable infrastructure should always meet the needs of current and future generations in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on:

  • Recycling efficiently in order to minimize waste.
  • Acquiring sustainable materials
  • Managing use of water
  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Managing use of raw materials
  • Protection of the environment
  • Making sure both our employees and suppliers have all undertaken environmental awareness training
  • Employment of local labour
  • Training and apprenticeships
  • Plant and equipment
  • Safe and healthy working environment
  • Work in the community.

Sustainability Targets and Goals for 2024 include:

As part of PBU (UK) LTD ongoing commitment to the local community, and as we continue to provide high-quality infrastructure services that are essential for economic development for the North East.
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