PBU (UK) LTD is committed to meeting Industry and Customer’s best practice in Environmental Performance wherever reasonable to do so.

PBU (UK) LTD recognise that our activities will always have some impact on the environment and will always endeavour to minimise these where possible. We believe that a good Environmental performance helps ensure good business performance.

In pursuit of these goals we will seek continuous improvement by implementing the following principles:

  • Conduct our activities within the Law and the requirements of Statutory Regulators.
  • Develop and promote policies and procedures that minimise the Environmental impacts thatour activities have upon the Environment.
  • Work with stakeholders, clients, suppliers and communities in which we operate to pursue Environmental best practice and encourage the development of suitable methods which promote Environmental protection and/or minimise their Environmental effects and to apply Environmentally favourable solutions.
  • Educate and train our employees to help them include Environmental considerations in all aspects of their work.
  • Make efficient use of energy and natural resources and, where possible, minimise the use of raw materials and production of waste.
  • Its is envisaged that the Environmental issues, Environmental Legislation and Environmental priorities will change with time. Therefore, the Company will monitor Environmental developments, regularly review and where necessary amend, revise and make additions to this policy.This policy is supported by PBU (UK) LTD’s 14001:2015 compliant management system and PBU will look to continually improve all aspects of the Environmental Management Processes throughout 2018/19 and beyond.

    The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for delivering the Environmental Policy and supporting management systems and will provide full backing to the SHEQ Team who’s function it will be to monitor and report on its implementation.

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