PBU (UK) LTD is committed to the elimination of hazards and reduction of risks relating to the occupational health, safety, and welfare of all its employees by providing, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy environment for all persons affected by the Company’s operations. As a responsible employer, The Company aims not only to comply with health and safety legislation but to exceed standards through the adoption of good practices and to be at the front in health and safety performance. The Board of Directors is fully committed to achieving this through a programme promoting a positive approach to accident prevention and continuously improving the management of the safety and health of its workforce. We believe good health and safety is good business.

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the Health and Safety Policy and recognises that the principal means for adequate accident prevention is the development of a safe system of work. The Company has therefore produced systems and procedures for designing safe systems of work for those aspects of its principal activities which have been assessed as high risk. Management, staff and contractors are required to comply with the Company’s safety rules and procedures and are encouraged to contribute to their further development.

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare of the company and will provide full backing to the SHEQ Team whose function it shall be to monitor and report on its implementation. In order to achieve the above principles, the Company has put in place the appropriate resources and developed in-house systems to achieve the following aims:

  1. To make health and safety an integral part of the management of the Company.
  2. To maintain compliance with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice as the Safety Policy minimum standard and to monitor new developments to continually improve performance.
  3.  To provide premises, plant, substances at work and places of work that are safe and without risk to health and safeguard the welfare of all the Company’s employees.
  4. To manage risk through a structured approach of policy, processes, training and awareness at all levels.
  5. To carry out our operations with due regard for the health and safety of the public and other non- employees and to provide prescribed information regarding those operations which may affect their health and safety.
  6. To ensure employees take reasonable care for their own and others’ safety and that they are competent and appropriately trained.
  7. Their representatives, to effectively communicate on health and safety matters.
  8. To measure our health and safety performance to determine areas for improvement.
  9. To sustain and develop this Policy by the implementation of an accredited Health and Safety Management System.
  10. To review the Health and Safety Policy on an annual basis and implement appropriate improvements.
  11. To bring changes to the Health and Safety Policy and Safety Management System to the attention of all employees.

This Policy Statement is supported by ISO 45001:2018 compliant documentation and procedures detailing the Company’s organisation of responsibilities and the arrangements for implementing the strategy for health and safety management.

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