PBU Supporting the Journey to Net Zero with Renewable Energy Projects


The UK has set ambitious targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will require a massive shift towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. As a leading engineering and construction company, PBU is proud to be supporting this transition through our work on renewable energy projects across the country.

We recently announced an exciting new contract that is directly aligned with the net zero agenda. PBU will be working with Sinewave to deliver a critical electrical connection for the new Fern Brook Solar Park. This new solar farm will generate up to 50MW of clean renewable energy, powering the equivalent of around 12,500 homes.

Our scope of work involves installing a 4.5km long 33kV cable route to connect the solar park to the electricity distribution network. We will also be carrying out associated civil engineering works on site including access roads, fencing and drainage. And we will be installing a fibre optic communication system to support remote monitoring and control of the solar park.

Renewable energy is key to reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. By supporting the development of new solar parks and wind farms, we are directly enabling the UK’s transition away from fossil fuels.

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