PBU is Proud to be Working on Viking Link


Viking Link is a 760km Interconnector project being constructed on behalf of National Grid and Energinet, it’s goal to produce a 1400 mw high voltage DC electricity link between Britain and Denmark. This will connect from the Bicker Fen substation in Lincolnshire to Revsing substation in southern Jutland, Denmark.

Overall, the project will involve the construction of a converter station in the UK and Denmark as well as the installation of submarine and underground cables between these and the substations in each country.

The ultimate aim is for this interconnector to enable more effective use of renewable energy with greater access to electricity produced in an environmentally friendly way, as and when it’s needed. It will also help energy security, meaning both countries will have access to more electricity if shortages occur.

Here is a video explaining more about the Viking Link Project:

PBU have been successfully awarded contracts for the Horizontal Directional Drilling works, as well as Trenching installation and Joint Bay construction on behalf of Balfour Beatty. With the aid of our specialist teams, fleet of HDD Rigs, excavators, along with recently acquired trackway matting division, PBU have started works to install the 67km UK cable route. The works packages include the installation of circa 98 HDD’s, 60km of trenching and construction of 58 joint bays. These works are currently set to take place between 08/02/21 and 15/07/22.

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