Horizontal Directional Drilling

We are proud to operate one of the largest Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Fleets in Europe. The extensive size of our fleet allows us to undertake HDD works promptly, giving us a competitive edge over other drilling companies. Our ability to execute projects quickly and efficiently ensures that our clients can rely on us to deliver their projects within budget and on time.

HDD works are commonly employed for the purpose of passing beneath various obstacles, including environmentally sensitive areas, railways, rivers and water courses, runways, and roads. By utilizing HDD techniques, we offer several additional advantages:

  • Our works are not subject to Section 58 restrictions.
  • Deep excavations are not required.
  • Users of the obstacle being passed experience minimal disruption.
  • There is no need for road closures, restricted working hours, or premium rates.
  • The HDD footprint is relatively small, resulting in minimal environmental impact.

Moreover, utility clients have recognized the cost-saving opportunities presented by “stitch drilling,” which allows for the installation of long ducts and cables at a faster pace compared to open excavations. This approach significantly reduces the risk of reinstatement failures, as it only necessitates a small opening for the “Launch” and “Reception” stages.

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