Design and Feasibility Studies​

PBU (UK) LTD operates as a highly specialized service provider in the field of utility detection, asset mapping, site investigation, and survey industry. We offer a top-tier Feasibility Study Service that encompasses a full design and solution for clients’ proposed utility projects.

In cases where a complete feasibility study is not necessary, we also provide individual services tailored to specific requirements, including:

  • Desk Top Surveys: Thorough surveys conducted through comprehensive desk-based research.
  • Stat Pack Collation: Collection and organization of all relevant statistical information.
  • Utility Surveys & Mapping: Detailed surveys and mapping of utilities to accurately identify their locations.
  • Site Mark Up: Marking up of utility locations and relevant information on site plans.

Additionally, with the advancements in technology, we offer an advanced 3D mapping service that combines electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) detection methods. This cutting-edge approach provides highly accurate and detailed mapping of utility infrastructure.

At PBU (UK) LTD, we prioritize the delivery of accurate and cost-effective surveys, ensuring that comprehensive results are consistently delivered within short timeframes. Our focus is on providing our clients with reliable information to facilitate informed decision-making and efficient planning for their utility projects.

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